Provincial Umbrella Fire Protection Associations (UFPA’s) have been established and recognized in terms of the National Veld & Forest Fire Act 101 of 1998 (NVFFA ), to facilitate and coordinate fire prevention, control and suppression measures and related risks within the respective provinces and amongst their affiliated regional FPAs. The Provincial Umbrella FPAs will in the future look at the establishment of a National umbrella fire protection entity to be known as the South African Umbrella Fire Protection Association (SAUFPA ).

In order to realize the establishment of the SAUFPA, a National Veld & Forest Fire Protection Advisory Forum (the Forum) has been established by Provincial UFPAs which in the interim will facilitate a coordinated approach to fire risk management in respect of aerial and ground operations throughout South Africa, in turn ensuring Provincial Umbrella FPA’s achieve common standards with regard to overall aerial and ground operations - awareness, training, prevention and control.

The Provincial Umbrella FPAs participating in the Forum are:

  • Eastern Cape UFPA
  • Free State UFPA
  • Gauteng UFPA
  • Kwazulu-Natal FPA
  • Limpopo FPA
  • Mpumalanga FPA
  • North West UFPA
  • Northern Cape UFPA

Current stakeholders participating in the Forum:

  • Working on Fire (Dept. of Environmental Affairs (DEA) is the Custodian of the Programme)

Custodian of National Veld & Forest Fire Act

  • Dept. of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries (DAFF)